HelloFresh cooking box provider test

According to Jamie Oliver, the British cook and brand ambassador of  Rocket-Internet subsidiary HelloFresh, good food makes you happy. No one can disagree with this saying. HelloFresh is the first provider in our large, multi-part cooking box test here in our new lifestyle blog on claus.de.

The HelloFresh cooking box at the test. (Photo: Thorsten Claus | claus.de)
The HelloFresh cooking box at the test. (Photo: Thorsten Claus | claus.de)

Selection & variety
At HelloFresh, customers have a weekly changing range of dishes in the cooking box. You can choose between a “classic box” with meat and a “veggie box” without meat. For the cooking box variants, one can also choose between three or five dishes for two or four people a week. Unfortunately, the individual dishes that come in the Box is not free for choosing.

Quality & freshness
We tested the quality and freshness of the products in the HelloFresh cooking box with 5 meals, there were three times the case that resulted in complaints. In all was a welded rocket salad and a similarly packaged parsley package on the fourth day. In one of the last cooking boxes supplied by HelloFresh, a rosemary bar was completely faded.

Therefore, in all three cases, one must go one more time to the greengrocer around the corner. Which is not a problem in a big city like Berlin, however, will become a problem for people in rural regions, which notice this too late.

Easy cooking
HelloFresh also provides the recipes with all cooking boxes in addition to the required products. These largely include a step by step guide. Recipes from Jamie Oliver was the only exception, they differed in the design and layout. In addition, indicated on the recipes is usually a level of difficulty from 1 to 3 and the duration of the preparation. In some dishes with perishable foods, the period of use, eg “One day 1-5 cook”, is also printed.

Generally, the information is fitted with regard to the preparation duration of the dishes. However, occasionally, preparations such as the cutting of vegetables took longer than expected. This test has also shown that it is always recommended to cook the dishes for two. This is not only more fun, but also avoids a longer preparation time.

Taste & Price
The taste opinions differ as you know. Our summary of HelloFresh after four weeks test with a total of 20 dishes is good. Of the 20 dishes, only three didn’t like our test eaters.  Last but not least the price per dish. At the cooking box of HelloFresh, the prices of the cooking box we tested with 5 meals for 2 persons was 5.50 euros per person and meal.

The judgment
+ Varied dishes
+ Friendly customer service
+ Good Instructional recipes
+ Mostly tasty recipes

– Problems with the requested delivery time
– Something a little messy


Choice of dishes? No
Only organic products? Yes/No
Dishes per cooking box and week 1-5
Price per cooker and week (for 2 persons) 39,99 € to 54,99 €
Average price per dish 6,67 € to 5,50 €
Origin of ingredients known? No
Predominantly regional products? Yes/No

The first test is done, now we are looking forward for feedback. What didn’t you like? Tell us your opinions in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. We are looking forward for your feedback!


The great test of the cooker vendors

Cooking is fun! We test cooking boxes for you. (Photo: iStock/Sergeyshibut)

According to the British chef and brand Ambassador Jamie Oliver of the Rockit Internet branch HelloFresh, good food makes you happy. No one can disagree with this saying. HelloFresh is the first provider of cooking boxes in our multi-part series of tests, here in our new Lifestyle Blog on claus.de.

All suppliers are evaluated according to the following Criteria:

  • Selection, diversity and variety of the dishes in the boxes
  • Quality and freshness of the food provided
  • Simplicity and duration of the preparation of the meals
  • The taste and the price per dish

First of all, all the cookers have one thing in common, that is the elimination of the shopping stress. It is convenient not to have to worry about buying and planning the dishes. Because all suppliers supply all the products needed for the meals including the recipes home. This has its price, but you do not have to do it yourself.

The comfort however has its downside e.g. in the Form of the waste. The resulting waste is slightly larger in quantity than when shopping in the supermarket. However, the providers strive to use ecological packaging, such as paper bags/boxes, and cooling material made of sheep’s wool. Nevertheless, individual plastic packs of food, spices, herbs and nuts are slightly more garbage than retail shopping.

Test conditions
In order to make a fair and as objective judgment as possible, we test every cooking box provider for four weeks. This allows us to make a fair judgment without focusing on personal or taste preferences.

Share with us your suggestions, criticisms and opinions via the comment function.
We are looking forward for your feedback!